College Football Playoff National Championship Postgame Interviews Full Transcript

Pranav Ramasubramanian 

January 13, 2021

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images 

National Championship games have been transpiring in College Football since 1869 with cult classics like Texas vs Notre Dame, Ohio State vs Miami, Alabama vs Clemson, etc. This year's match featured the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Here's what select student-athletes and Ohio State's Head Coach vocalized after the Alabama Crimson Tide's 52-24 victory on Monday. 

Alabama Crimson Tide 

Running Back: Najee Harris 

Question: Ohio State has a solid defensive front. How were you able to expose the holes in their defense so effortlessly throughout the entire game?

Answer: Effortlessly? You didn't see what they were doing? They were blowing my (expletive) up. What are you talking about? It wasn't effortlessly I'll tell you what bro if I'm being honest with you Ohio State's defense did their thing. What they did was every time we did a play-action, they shot the gaps so we ran some fakes to get a couple of linebackers to drop back in coverage enabling the offense to throw many bubble screens and slant passes. However, bro it was not easy tonight and I am still hurting from all the hits I took, but the win feels spectacular.  

Question: I wanted to pick your brain about the receiving touchdown you had in the second quarter. When you flanked out to the open side of the field it positioned you to receive the pass from Mac Jones, what did you diagnose pre-snap that aided you in making that play?

Answer: The catch that I made on the left side of the field leading to my subsequent dive into the end zone?

Pranav Rama interjects

Rama: It was the play where Barron blitzed Mac Jones and you flanked out to the open side of the field prior to receiving the pass from Mac for the touchdown putting the team up by seven in the early stages of the 2nd quarter. 

Harris: I scored right? Ohio State ran a blitz package on that play and I couldn't really see what type of blitz package it was. 

Rama: John Metchie III moved to the right side of the field to strive to get the linebacker onto that side of the field, but Barron went after Mac instead. 

Harris: The linebacker didn't endeavor to cover me, he was on a designed blitz, and I ran a swift hot route so Mac could get rid of the ball immediately. That's why the pass was behind me. My rapidness getting into the open space on the field is what made that play successful. 

Ohio State Buckeyes

Head Coach: Ryan Day 

Question: Alabama subjugated the match in the last thirty minutes. Why did the match slip away from the team in that stretch? 

Answer: It wasn't just one component rather it was several components with one of them being that we couldn't consummate off drives in the second half, missing two fourth-down conversions. Another component is that Alabama kept making momentous plays succoring them to go up by four scores and our offensive unit was unable to replicate the same numbers on the scoreboard. There was a juncture in the match where if the defense could've gotten Alabama's offense off the field and our offense scored on the ensuing possessions we would've been able to trim the contest to a couple of scores or even down to 10. Unfortunately, the aforementioned things didn't occur causing the match to slip away from us in the second half. 

Quarterback: Justin Fields

Question: A tough loss for the squad today in the College Football Playoff National Championship. How will this motivate you and the squad in the off-season?

Answer: It's going to motivate me to a great extent. We didn't get the turnout/result that we wanted to, but that's just going to make us work harder. This squad deals with adversity very well as we've overcome a significant amount of adversity this past year. The coaching staff, student-athletes, and staff members are going to use it as fuel to work our (expletive) off throughout the off-season.  

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A special thanks to Brett Daniels, Katie Cavender, Holly Stalcup, and Wes Gentry for arranging and conducting the videoconferences exceptionally. Make sure to tune into the commencement of the 2021-2022 College Football season in August!