Cyclone Central: Fiesta Bowl Postgame Interviews Full Transcript

Pranav Ramasubramanian 

January 4, 2021

Photo by Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press 

Fiesta Bowls have been transpiring since 1971 with some vintage games like Boise State vs Oklahoma, UCLA vs Miami, Ohio State vs Clemson, etc. This year's match featured the Iowa State Cyclones against the Oregon Ducks. Here's what Iowa State's Head Coach and select student-athletes vocalized after the team's 34-17 victory on Saturday. 

Head Coach: Matt Campbell 

Question: Iowa State vanquished the Oregon Ducks 34-17 just an hour ago. What does a triumph like this mean for the program? 

Answer: It's great to conclude the season with an impressive triumph like this. I've always stated a team is measured by the entire roster. The wholistic piece of what this squad has done throughout the season from beginning to end has been powerful at a program like Iowa State where a lot of things that have materialized recently have never materialized before making the Fiesta Bowl vanquishing extremely special. 

Quarterback: Brock Purdy 

Question: Obviously the Big 12 Championship game wasn't an ideal performance because of your three interceptions in that match. How were you able to bounce back today with a spectacular performance against Oregon? 

Answer: I dissected that game. I knew that if I tweaked one or two plays, then that game could have gone in our direction. So for me, I'm a guy who is level-headed all the time. I don't listen to external noise venturing to stay poised and calm during and after matches. So going into this match, I put the evocation of the last contest behind me learning valuable lessons not just from this match, but matches throughout the season moving forward to focus on Oregon's defense and the guys who were on the field with me being able to capitalize on the opportunities presented to me during game-action delivering a spectacular performance in our last game of the season bouncing back from a less than ideal Big 12 championship game performance.

Linebacker: O'Rien Vance 

Linebacker: Mike Rose 

Question: The team just captured the Fiesta Bowl trophy. What are you guys feeling right now?  

Vance: We are very excited right now. This is a dream come true. As a little kid growing up and watching the Fiesta Bowl it was exhilarating seeing those teams participate in the match. We finally got the experience as a squad today and ultimately got the win. 

Rose: It's an amazing accomplishment for this school and it's awesome that we got the trophy. On a related note, Coach [Matt] Campbell has turned Iowa State around by recruiting the apt personnel onto the team putting us in this position that we are in right now. 

The video of these interviews is now available on YouTube. You can choose to view it down below.

A special thanks to Scott Leightman, and Alex Nash for arranging and conducting the videoconferences spectacularly all week. Another special mention goes to Caption Pros, who aided with closed captioning. Iowa State starts their 2021-2022 season on September 4th so make sure to tune into all their games once the season commences!