Soundbite: Dion Dawkins

Pranav Ramasubramanian 

January 23, 2021

Photo by Steven Senne/Associated Press

American Football Conference Championship games have been transpiring with cult classics like Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Chargers, etc. This year's match featured the Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills. In advance of Sunday's contest, players and coaches met with the media on Zoom to discuss respective opinions on particular subject matters that they were questioned about. Here's what Dion Dawkins vocalized during yesterday's videoconference.

Question: The AFC Championship game is the biggest match of your young career. Has that thought crossed your mind?

Answer: No, but now that you mention it has just entered as a thought in my mind.  However, I've had thoughts about this being as far I've ever played football, but realizing this is the farthest in my entire career including high school, college, and the NFL it's really crazy thinking about it making me catch some emotions presently after it was verbalized by you moments ago. The AFC Championship game is the biggest match of my young career, but it's not big enough is my current mindset progressing into Sunday. We have tomorrow, Sunday, and many other upcoming days on the calendar to master before we can say that our season is over.

Question: You and the squad already played the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6. Did that aid gameweek preparation? 

Answer: Yeah. We definitely take note of playing them previously. I also think that the Kansas City Chiefs are a disparate team from when we played them in Week 6 kindred to how this squad has transformed since then. The tactical advantage we have is we know Kansas City's individual strengths/weaknesses on offense and defense with the Chiefs knowing ours too. Players are still the same people, but because of the hits absorbed, and wins-losses suffered by their respective organizations it metamorphosizes them as athletes throughout the season. At the end of the day, it's just ball brother.

The video of this interview is now available on YouTube. You can choose to view it down below.


A special thanks to Kevin Kearns, Buffalo Bills PR, and the NFL Communications staff for arranging and conducting the videoconferences spectacularly. Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 6:40 PM Eastern/3:40 PM Pacific to see Dawkins venture to withstand the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line in an endeavor to send the Bills to their fifth Super Bowl in franchise history.