Soundbite: Daniel Jeremiah

Pranav Ramasubramanian 

March 14, 2021

Photo by Danny Moloshok/Associated Press 

Color commentators are sports broadcasters or analysts with extraordinary speech skills along with superior knowledge of the particular sport they are covering so they can manifest the game in several variations to attract and capture an audience that spans from generation to generation. Some of the best color commentators in sports currently are Daniel Jeremiah, Tony Romo, Chris Fowler, Kevin Harlan, Dick Vitale, Bill Walton, etc. After the Clemson Tigers' Pro Day on Thursday Daniel Jeremiah met with the media on Zoom to discuss respective opinions on particular subject matters that he was questioned about. Here's what Daniel Jeremiah vocalized during that videoconference. 

Question: Travis Etienne is the best running back in the country. However, the game alters when transitioning from NCAA Division I football to NFL football. What are the skills he needs to polish to have identical success in the NFL?

Answer: Travis Etienne is good at pass protection, but he's not great at the aforementioned ability so the play design must authorize Etienne to drop into the backfield or run a route tree rather than having him block opposing linemen. Also, Travis needs to polish his aptitude to wiggle in space or rebuff tackles as he is currently more of a run away from you or run through you type of player. This a skill that you either have or don't have at this stage of your career. The main concern with Etienne is he is 215 lbs right now and he has to be 208 or 209 lbs as the surfeit bulk is irrelevant because the NFL is a speed league with one of the requirements of being in the NFL involving adaption of routines to reach optimal speed aiding potential longevity in the league. These are the mandatory skills that Travis Etienne has to polish to make the transition from NCAA Division I football to the NFL smooth furnishing him identical success in the NFL after habitually being one of the best running backs in the country at Clemson. 

The video of these interviews is now available on YouTube. You can choose to view it down below.

A special thanks to Mr. Zak Gilbert, Mr. Andrew Howard along with the Clemson Athletic Communications Staff, and the NFL Communications Staff for arranging and conducting the videoconference spectacularly. Make sure to tune into the NFL Draft commencing from April 29th and concluding on May 1st on NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, and ABC.