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Pranav Ramasubramanian 

February 13, 2021

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Draft Academy is a yearly Sports Business Classroom program preceding the NBA Draft providing students who enroll an opportunity to learn how several things work within the league including how draft day is operated in the league for a short period of time. This year's instructors are Sirius XM Co-Host Amin Elhassan, NBA Show Host Ryan McDonough, and NBATV Capologist/Bleacher Report Writer Eric Pincus. They met with incoming/prospective students, working media members, and business professionals on Wednesday to discuss the status of the league, trade deadline, preview of the Draft Academy, and respective opinions on particular subject matters that they were questioned about. Here's what Amin Elhassan, Ryan McDonough, Eric Pincus vocalized during that videoconference. 

Question: The Brooklyn Nets possess one of the best offenses in the NBA, however, their defense is one of the worst in the league. What modifications can the team manufacture to fine-tune their defense before the postseason commences in May? 

Elhassan: My brief answer to this question is that the Brooklyn Nets need more defensive-minded personnel. Another modification the team can manufacture to fine-tune their defense before the postseason commences in May is benching certain players in the rotation and granting other players on the roster additional minutes because if the Nets are gonna adjourn the Big 3 of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving by staggering their minutes on the floor subsiding them with superior defensive players those players have to perform exceptionally each and every game. For example, it's difficult to lobby for more minutes for Bruce Brown, although Brown is a solid defensive player at the expense of the aforementioned trio for the sake of on-court balance. Eric and Ryan, I don't know if you believe there is an internal answer for the Nets' defensive woes? 

Pincus: Brooklyn dealt away first and second-round picks to acquire James Harden, but they have equitable pieces in Spencer Dinwiddie, who has a player option, and Landry Shamet, who they traded for in November, signifying that they can make a minor trade if necessary without the succor of picks by the March trade deadline. I think they are a buyout team seeking to sign players, who are bought out and ring-chasing. Some of these players will also be going to other contenders in the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, or whichever squads are in the top three positions in the Eastern/Western Conference at that juncture in the season. Higher role importance for buyout players will be designated by the Nets as a result of perceptible roster vacancy disparate to the Los Angeles Lakers, who are struggling to play Markieff Morris and Wesley Matthews ample minutes due to various other offseason roster additions. 

McDonough: I'm in agreement with Amin and Eric in the declarations they made as I watched the Brooklyn Nets game against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday while going back and forth with John Schuhmann on Twitter telling John how much disbelief I was in seeing DeAndre Jordan stop playing defense mid-play, and James Harden and Kyrie Irving getting back-cut frequently with those defensive lapses setting the tone for the team's effort on defense that night. The Nets are at the pinnacle of the buyout list for a big man and all three of us just mentioned why. Jarrett Allen was forced to be packaged to the Cavaliers for James Harden in opposition to the Nets desires with Brooklyn acutely missing his production since January 13th. Cleveland won't buy out Andre Drummond and JaVale McGee because it would turn into an ideal situation for the Nets, however, pay close attention to Hassan Whiteside in Sacramento as his minutes have fluctuated throughout the year. Sean Marks has to augment a big man via the trade or buyout market in a venture to fine-tune the squad's defense before the postseason commences in May. 

Pincus interjects. 

Pincus: I will add very swiftly that I am of the assumption the Brooklyn Nets have a Disabled Player Exception for Spencer Dinwiddie and if that's the case then they can endeavor to swing a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers for JaVale McGee exchanging draft consideration for him as the Cavaliers can't furnish JaVale McGee with substantial minutes on the basketball court because of centers Jarrett Allen, and Andre Drummond already in the rotation. This is one of the directions the front office might advocate for aiding the team in making the modifications needed to fine-tune their defense before the postseason commences in May, but don't recite me on that.   

Elhassan banters back. 

Elhassan: Eric Pincus reports exclusively. I always love when that happens. When you produce an off-hand statement and then the headline reads Amin Elhassan: with a soundbite to captivate the audience to their content when we didn't convey our statement in the manner that it's being projected online. 

The video of this interview is now available on YouTube. You can choose to view it down below.

A special thanks to the Sports Business Classroom for arranging and conducting the videoconference spectacularly. Another special mention goes to Amin Elhassan, who selected this particular question to be answered live. Make sure to go to to check out similar webinars, podcasts, articles, and much more!